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A Vine is worth 1,000 words

In recent months, twitter launched a new social media platform called Vine, currently the most used video sharing application in the market. The idea behind Vine is that users can create and publish a six-second video. Being integrated with twitter, videos are shared across both platforms. With well over 200 million active users on twitter, there’s no doubt that your message can be spread quickly through re-tweets and shares but the question is, how do brands capitalize on the platform? Many brands have jumped onto the Vine-wagon and have utilized it’s potential to market to the online masses. Several brands have seen [...]

Staying Connected

We used to write letters to stay in touch with loved ones and people all around the world, but in todays society of social media and technology we can stay in touch with the click of a button. When you attend your high school reunion through the wonders of facebook you no longer have to ask your former classmates what they have been up to because in most cases you already know!  Lets face it, even if we don’t want to admit it, we all creep at some point! I’ve come across people who believe that technology is hindering relationships [...]

What makes a story a story?

We are all captivated by a really good story…no matter what the topic, theme or genre we all can probably remember appreciating a really good story at one time or another.  In todays info at our fingertips age we are bombarded by countless bits of info that may or may not seem to have anything to do with a story…But what does this mean…some of us like comedies, some like horror films, some of us like chick flicks and others like shows about the paranormal. Likes are not what make a story either.  Perhaps if we look at our own [...]