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Facebook vs. Google+ for Businesses

With Google+ launching itself as “THE” new social media platform, this leaves many companies wondering where they should be marketing their business…Facebook or Google+? Having done extensive social media campaigns for a variety of clients over the last 2 years loaded with facebook marketing, I was excited to try the much anticipated google+ a few weeks ago. Although the premise of these two sites might be close to the same, some of the functionalities that they offer are different but could both benefit your company. Starting with Facebook Pages, which offers a great way to promote your business, connect with [...]

Marketing in a Recession – Part 2

Now that we know that we should continue to market during a recession and that we can capitalize on building our brand and gaining market share better than ever we need to know What to do? and How to do it? Here our 5 tips for Marketing in a recession Viagra Online . With social media being a huge part of any marking campaign today we must look to a wise, well thought-out, cost friendly, dynamic and effective social media marketing campaign. Seem like a lot, it is! 1. Start by making sure that your social media profile stays up to [...]

What makes a great shoot?

I just got back from a full packed 2 day shoot in Edmonton.  It’s been a while since I’ve run a full set and it was great!  I find it such an interesting dynamic being on set.  It’s so structured and militaristic and everybody has a very specific job to do.  It’s tedious, hierarchical and when you are on a bad set the 12 hour days feel like 20 hour days – You just can’t wait to get it done. As structured as a set is, the process during the shoot is completely organic. In my experience great footage is [...]

Online Shopping and Selling

Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are just of a few places we go to Buy or Sell new or old furniture, clothes, movies or to find a business or service. 10 years ago the world of online shopping was a new concept. Today I don’t even need to leave my couch when I want to buy something as obscure as a Horse Blanket, or as perfect as a new pair of shoes. Businesses are taking advantage of this trend everyday. Companies are spending more time making sure they have an online and mobile presence and that potential customers are [...]

Mobile, Me and You

Almost everyone I know has a smart phone…except my Dad…Why do we call them smart phones anyway? Maybe thats another blog topic. Anyhow, with most people on the planet owning a mobile device of some sort we can guarantee that a communication revolution is before us. With mobile users now embracing mobile apps over the mobile web it has become clear that users want a customized mobile experience that is all about them.  Marketers must now look seriously and differently at developing relevant content rich apps for products and brands that are intertwined with marketing campaigns the same way they [...]

Staying Connected

We used to write letters to stay in touch with loved ones and people all around the world, but in todays society of social media and technology we can stay in touch with the click of a button. When you attend your high school reunion through the wonders of facebook you no longer have to ask your former classmates what they have been up to because in most cases you already know!  Lets face it, even if we don’t want to admit it, we all creep at some point! I’ve come across people who believe that technology is hindering relationships [...]

What makes a story a story?

We are all captivated by a really good story…no matter what the topic, theme or genre we all can probably remember appreciating a really good story at one time or another.  In todays info at our fingertips age we are bombarded by countless bits of info that may or may not seem to have anything to do with a story…But what does this mean…some of us like comedies, some like horror films, some of us like chick flicks and others like shows about the paranormal. Likes are not what make a story either.  Perhaps if we look at our own [...]