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Can your customers hold you in their hands?


Mobility is what today is all about. Of those adults (American, but I’m assuming that Canadians are similar) who own cell phones, 17 per cent of them use their phone more than any other device – laptop, tablet, desktop – to browse the Internet. Additionally, 57 per cent of smartphone owners and 66 per cent of tablet owners research on their respective mobile devices before purchasing a product on their mobile device. Organizations that offer products or services want to attract and keep customers. One way to do that is to be where the customers are. The customers are online, [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 7, 2013

Are you Measuring your Marketing Efforts?


Once upon a time, there was a marketing executive who said that half of his advertising was a waste. The problem was, which half? He didn’t know, so he kept on spending the same amount in the same way, year in year out, hoping that his shotgun approach would continue to work. In his mind, some would, and some wouldn’t and continued to believe that half of his efforts were a total waste of time and money. With today’s tools, it no longer has to be that way. Measuring the success of a marketing strategy is your feedback loop to [...]

By Tamara Rosenblum, posted on January 27, 2012

Facebook vs. Google+ for Businesses


With Google+ launching itself as “THE” new social media platform, this leaves many companies wondering where they should be marketing their business…Facebook or Google+? Having done extensive social media campaigns for a variety of clients over the last 2 years loaded with facebook marketing, I was excited to try the much anticipated google+ a few weeks ago. Although the premise of these two sites might be close to the same, some of the functionalities that they offer are different but could both benefit your company. Starting with Facebook Pages, which offers a great way to promote your business, connect with [...]

By Kari Siegfried, posted on November 10, 2011

Marketing During a Recession


For businesses and individuals alike it is always important to understand where to best spend your dollars. For most businesses it is very common to do what makes the most sense from a financial and practical standpoint. Successful businesses often understand that we must live and operate within our means. Applying that common principal is key to understand the importance of investing in the future and maintaining a brand presence by keeping an open sign on your front door. Laying a sustainable marketing foundation that supports future growth and ultimately reminds people that you are there “strong and free” or [...]

By Mike Harris, posted on August 11, 2011

Mobile, Me and You


Almost everyone I know has a smart phone…except my Dad…Why do we call them smart phones anyway? Maybe thats another blog topic. Anyhow, with most people on the planet owning a mobile device of some sort we can guarantee that a communication revolution is before us. With mobile users now embracing mobile apps over the mobile web it has become clear that users want a customized mobile experience that is all about them.  Marketers must now look seriously and differently at developing relevant content rich apps for products and brands that are intertwined with marketing campaigns the same way they [...]

By Mike Harris, posted on June 21, 2011

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