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Introducing the coolest new green artist of Germany


On behalf of BUND Friends of the Earth Germany, Ad Agency BBDO Germany created a unique way to draw attention to the 2000 city trees lost in Berlin every year. In September of 2012 they created an instrument for a city tree. A symphony of sounds and lights were created when the chestnuts fell, creating a stimulating concert both for the ears and the eyes. People could donate to the concert while by the tree and would then receive a personal thank-you. Online donors would receive an exclusive downloadable track. In January 2013 they raised more money by selling a [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 20, 2013

Beware…of the blind-spot


Recently, Volkswagen in partnership with AlmapBBDO came out with a series of clips to promote a new product. The product is a sensor on their vehicles that tells the driver when there is a vehicle in their blind-spot. There are three clips, one featuring a biker, another featuring a scooter driver, and the last featuring a truck driver. They play off the classic horror film vibe, with creepy music and a surprise that makes the characters (if not you) jump in shock. See them below: Many people haven’t seen these ads, but they use an interesting concept regardless. Besides, is [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 18, 2013

When Life Gives You Moons, Make Limes?


This past weekend, Corona launched a pretty unique ad campaign that required the assistance of several universities and planetariums. The campaign, titled ‘Luna Corona’, features a billboard in New York City, which required hours of calculation to show New Yorkers the perfect moment for a Corona. Similar to Chuck Palahniuk’s book in Fight Club, one of the main characters, Tyler Durden is on the beach running back and forth collecting driftwood. He begins to stick them upright in the sand. To someone watching from a distance, it looks like a bunch of logs sticking out of the sand. At a particular [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 17, 2013

A look back at some Father’s Day ads


It’s Father’s Day and I’m doing nothing to try and mitigate my panic over the fact that I have no idea what to do for my dad. Instead, I’m searching for Father’s Day ads. Father’s Day themed ads tend to try to pull at heartstrings, highlighting the relationships between a father and his child or children, often taking a timeline approach and following the child and father as the child grows up. Basically, this means that half of these commercials turn me into an emotional wreck. From the condom manufacturer Durex, a short, simple print ad from 2001 that gets [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 16, 2013

A 2012 birthday celebration


This interactive video experience was created a year ago by the correction fluid brand Tipp-Ex. Myself and another intern in the office discovered it recently and were occupied for at least 20 minutes. Okay, maybe it was 45 minutes. Below is a link to the first video and you decide how the rest of the story goes. Be warned, there is some NSFW language. And this is VERY addictive! It starts with a hunter and a bear celebrating a birthday in a forest’s clearing, complete with a multi-tiered cake. The video goes on to break the fourth wall repeatedly by [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 12, 2013

CEW Day 6: Save the polar bears! Build more ice floes!


Technically, it’s Day 4. We’re counting the weekend though since we’re still going strong with our Environment Week resolutions. There was a hiccup when a blister prevented one from not using her car to travel to work, but all-in-all we’ve been pretty successful! I’ll wait for you to finish clapping. … Okay, back to business. Today I came across a very cool campaign done by World Wildlife Foundation Russia (here’s the global site). It doesn’t have anything to do with food, unfortunately, but it does involve the environment. We’re counting it. The campaign revolves around raising awareness and increasing donations [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 10, 2013

A kid’s eye view


Spain’s ANAR Foundation otherwise known as Ayuda A Ninos Y Adolescentes En Riesgo recently launched an ad campaign directed at children. And when I mean directed at children, I mean literally directed at children. The foundation’s focus is to provide support for children and adolescents who face various issues such as abuse or family problems. The campaign featured a poster of a child with text reading, “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” From an adult point of view, everything seemed fine, but when a child of a certain height approached the poster, they saw a [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 30, 2013

The art of guerrilla marketing-Part 3: Grassroots marketing


Grassroots marketing, otherwise known as word-of-mouth advertising, is one of the easiest and most efficient forms of guerrilla marketing. Starting from the ground up, grassroots initiatives focus on creating community networks of brand enthusiasts to network and market your idea for you. In a time when your business is still in its early stages or high-end advertising just isn’t in your budget, you may want to consider taking to the streets and yelling at passersby about what products or services you offer. Well, maybe not yelling at strangers, but you could talk to people and spread the word about what [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 28, 2013

The art of guerrilla marketing part 2: Ambient advertising


What is ambient advertising? Ambient advertising it a form of guerrilla marketing that focuses on integrating ads into any environment, the space around you, often by placing ads in unusual places that you wouldn’t expect to see them.  The key to a successful ambient advertising campaign is to be creative while choosing the best media format available, combined with an effective message. Ambient ads often make someone think about a certain place or thing differently. Those bus stops you see around Calgary wrapped in $100 bills aren’t real, but they strike a chord of curiosity and make you want to [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 22, 2013

Choosing the right video: It’s all about goals


In the oil and gas industry there are obviously a number of challenges. One of those is figuring out how to market and bring attention to an oil and gas company during a time when the industry is not the focus, even here in Calgary. Videos today encourage people to engage with their content, and are highly valued by a number of different audiences due to their ability to present something that can be both highly visual and highly informative. With more than 10 million video ads being watched by North Americans each month, online video is now the most [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 16, 2013

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