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A Vine is worth 1,000 words


In recent months, twitter launched a new social media platform called Vine, currently the most used video sharing application in the market. The idea behind Vine is that users can create and publish a six-second video. Being integrated with twitter, videos are shared across both platforms. With well over 200 million active users on twitter, there’s no doubt that your message can be spread quickly through re-tweets and shares but the question is, how do brands capitalize on the platform? Many brands have jumped onto the Vine-wagon and have utilized it’s potential to market to the online masses. Several brands have seen [...]

By mantaray, posted on July 22, 2013

Amazing in Motion


  Lexus’ new TV spot titled Amazing in Motion – ‘Steps’, which launched in Canada at the beginning of May is extremely captivating to watch but I couldn’t help wondering, what does it really mean? This ad is part of a global Lexus campaign dedicated to surpassing customers’ expectations, both with the luxury cars it builds and the brand experience. This ad features an 11-foot tall humanoid puppet which is made using a high-tech 3D printed outer shell. It contains Lexus design characteristics including Lexus auto paint, walnut and bamboo which are also commonly found in their vehicles. The ad takes [...]

By mantaray, posted on June 3, 2013

The art of guerrilla marketing-Part 3: Grassroots marketing


Grassroots marketing, otherwise known as word-of-mouth advertising, is one of the easiest and most efficient forms of guerrilla marketing. Starting from the ground up, grassroots initiatives focus on creating community networks of brand enthusiasts to network and market your idea for you. In a time when your business is still in its early stages or high-end advertising just isn’t in your budget, you may want to consider taking to the streets and yelling at passersby about what products or services you offer. Well, maybe not yelling at strangers, but you could talk to people and spread the word about what [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 28, 2013

The art of guerrilla marketing part 2: Ambient advertising


What is ambient advertising? Ambient advertising it a form of guerrilla marketing that focuses on integrating ads into any environment, the space around you, often by placing ads in unusual places that you wouldn’t expect to see them.  The key to a successful ambient advertising campaign is to be creative while choosing the best media format available, combined with an effective message. Ambient ads often make someone think about a certain place or thing differently. Those bus stops you see around Calgary wrapped in $100 bills aren’t real, but they strike a chord of curiosity and make you want to [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 22, 2013

The art of guerrilla marketing part 1: Experiential marketing


Guerrilla marketing has become increasingly popular as an effective and affordable form of unconventional advertisement. Guerrilla marketing requires some serious imagination, time and energy rather than the big budgets of traditional methods. Experiential marketing is one of many forms of guerrilla marketing, a way of breaking through the clutter of traditional marketing to meet your customers face-to-face and build their interest in your brand. It is based on the idea of engaging all five senses of the audience and giving them the opportunity to physically experience the product, something that simply can’t be achieved online. Coca-Cola Zero recently partnered up [...]

By mantaray, posted on May 13, 2013

Infuse some passion into your brand


I love color. I really do. It’s fascinated me for years and I still get a kick out of finding new color combinations or innovative applications for color theory. Today’s color, red, elicits passion and it just so happens to be my favorite color. As the boldest hue of the spectrum, it stimulates energy, says desirable and confident, and encourages an enthusiastic response from those in its warm embrace. When used properly, it is heartfelt, authentic, and often used to represent significant moments in a long-term relationship. Whether red is the right color for your product, brand or next campaign [...]

By Tamara Rosenblum, posted on January 30, 2012

Yellow Mellow?


It inspired Van Gogh in his paintings, pushed Lance Armstrong to pedal hard in the Tour de France, and is used for emergency and caution signs around the world. It encourages communication and activates memory, yet also symbolizes cowardice, quarantine, and the last thing you want to see, if you’re a major sports player, is the yellow card. We’re talking one color, yellow, with many shades of meaning; some so polar opposite as ‘happiness’ and ‘hazard’ that I sometimes wonder if we’re the ones who’ve gone a little color blind. I mean, its just one color, right? Well yes, and [...]

By Tamara Rosenblum, posted on January 16, 2012

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