A Vine is worth 1,000 words


In recent months, twitter launched a new social media platform called Vine, currently the most used video sharing application in the market. The idea behind Vine is that users can create and publish a six-second video.

Being integrated with twitter, videos are shared across both platforms. With well over 200 million active users on twitter, there’s no doubt that your message can be spread quickly through re-tweets and shares but the question is, how do brands capitalize on the platform?

Many brands have jumped onto the Vine-wagon and have utilized it’s potential to market to the online masses. Several brands have seen tremendous success with Vine, and have garnered a lot of recognition in doing so.

General Electric is one brand that’s doing it right. GE maximizes on video’s obvious strong suit: visuals. Color, depth and motion. The innovative brand knows how to captivate your senses which in turn, captivates your interest in the brand. There are many ways to do this but often, they are grounded in innovation, creativity and purpose.

With over 1.6 million followers, Nicholas Megalis has the most followers on vine. A little advice from the Vine superstar was published on CNBC saying, “You need to have fun and be creative,” Megalis advises. “Know that your audience is smart and respect them. The more you treat people like friends and the more you respect your audience and know who they are, the better your entire experience will be.”

With that said, check it out: Mantaray Creative’s first Vine:


We are still operating…but down the street!


Despite all that has happened, Mantaray Creative is still operating and safe. We are all working remotely and some of us are volunteering to help clean up our city.

We will be out of the office until our power returns. Currently, we are operating remotely out of Waves Coffee House on 17th avenue and 9A Street S.W. but you can still get ahold of us via telephone or email. Our Email is: and our mobile number is: 1(403)-616-2934

We hope everyone is safe and staying positive during these trying times.Please reach out to us if you need any help!!





ABFlood 2013- #SocialMedia


Social Media has been where many Calgary residents have turned for information on the flooding, as well as providing their own information, such as photos, videos and reactions. It has been a means to communicate with friends and family across the nation, and most recently a place for Calgarians to volunteer their time to help with relief efforts.

We initially became aware of the evacuation notice via Twitter on the afternoon of Thursday, June 20th. Throughout the days leading up to the flood we bemoaned the incessant rain, cursed the skies and begged the sun to come out. Of course, since we lack any semblance of divinity, the rain continued to pour.

Calgary Transit Twitter. Screenshot by Megan Berry.

From about 3-5 p.m. on Thursday we watched the Twitter feeds of @calgarytransit and @cityofcalgary for updates. Our office was in the initial flood evacuation zone and at first we were a bit unsure what this meant. Myself and many other Calgarians are very impressed with The City of Calgary and Calgary Transit who remained on top of the flooding situation, communicating quickly the evacuation notices and status of their respective services. That communication has continued today, with Calgary Transit helping transit users find their way through the city while downtown and many C-Train lines remain shutdown.

Calgary’s generosity is in full force this week. From Kijiji postings of neighbours offering up their homes to strangers to the informative Facebook group ‘Calgary Clean Up’ that already has over 30,000 followers. We even urged our Mayor to have a nap so he could be on top of his game. Mayor Naheed Nenshi tweeted into the wee hours of the morning, until the Calgary Twitter community piped up and worked a campaign called #nap4nenshi to try and convince the mayor to take a break as he had been up for a truly ridiculous amount of hours.

From a local Calgary business, THANK YOU to The City of Calgary, Calgary Police Services, Calgary Fire Department, Mayor Nenshi and the entire YYC community for stepping up and making this a great city to live in.



Are you one of those people who prefer vinyl recordings to digital? Do you like to listen to music on the fly? Do you like beer?

If you answered yes to all three questions you might want to sit down, because this is going to blow your mind. What if I told you, Beck’s, the brand of beer made an Edison bottle?

An Edison cylinder is a cylindrical tube developed by none other than Thomas Edison and its function is music. The tube was played on an Edison cylindrical phonograph. Yes, it’s a form of writable media similar to that of a vinyl record…except it’s a tube!

Mind blown yet? No? Well get this. The Edison bottle is the beer bottle itself. Yup, you can finish your beer and toss it onto a special turn-table to listen to your favorite tunes while you crack open your next one.

This of course is just a concept. Though it holds zero practicality, I think it would be pretty cool to have an entire record in a six-pack of beer.

Beck’s recently released a promotional video showing how the bottle was developed and the process seemed simple, yet extremely complex all at once.

The video has barely broken 8,000 views on Youtube, however it has only been up since June 9. This may not prove to be a successful campaign, but the innovation of reverse engineering an old technology, introduces a cool new way of enjoying your beverage. Hopefully this campaign receives the recognition it deserves.


Introducing the coolest new green artist of Germany


On behalf of BUND Friends of the Earth Germany, Ad Agency BBDO Germany created a unique way to draw attention to the 2000 city trees lost in Berlin every year. In September of 2012 they created an instrument for a city tree. A symphony of sounds and lights were created when the chestnuts fell, creating a stimulating concert both for the ears and the eyes.

People could donate to the concert while by the tree and would then receive a personal thank-you. Online donors would receive an exclusive downloadable track. In January 2013 they raised more money by selling a remix of the tree’s sounds, created by DJ Robot Koch. The funds raised went to efforts to preserve and protect the trees in Berlin.

Here’s the video explanation of the campaign:

What do you think?

Beware…of the blind-spot


Recently, Volkswagen in partnership with AlmapBBDO came out with a series of clips to promote a new product. The product is a sensor on their vehicles that tells the driver when there is a vehicle in their blind-spot.

There are three clips, one featuring a biker, another featuring a scooter driver, and the last featuring a truck driver. They play off the classic horror film vibe, with creepy music and a surprise that makes the characters (if not you) jump in shock. See them below:

Many people haven’t seen these ads, but they use an interesting concept regardless. Besides, is the measure of success for these ads the number of views, the comprehension of the viewer, the number of people taking action after seeing the ads, or something else entirely? Determining your measure of success before embarking on an ad campaign or event is key to reaching that success.

What do you think the measure of success for these ads was?

When Life Gives You Moons, Make Limes?


This past weekend, Corona launched a pretty unique ad campaign that required the assistance of several universities and planetariums.

The campaign, titled ‘Luna Corona’, features a billboard in New York City, which required hours of calculation to show New Yorkers the perfect moment for a Corona.

Similar to Chuck Palahniuk’s book in Fight Club, one of the main characters, Tyler Durden is on the beach running back and forth collecting driftwood. He begins to stick them upright in the sand. To someone watching from a distance, it looks like a bunch of logs sticking out of the sand. At a particular time of day, the sun hits the logs just right onto the sand and forms a silhouette of a hand. And for one moment out of the day, he sits in the palm of perfection.

Corona has done exactly this, but instead of a hand, they created a giant bottle of beer on the billboard. The only thing missing was the slice of lime. At a particular moment in the evening, the crescent moon will sit perfectly in the neck of the bottle as a slice of lime would in a beer bottle.

A video of how the billboard was made was posted on June 11, inviting people to come enjoy the scene on June 14 and 15. The video itself has received about 33,555 hits as of June 17 but even though it hasn’t gone totally viral yet, does it mean that it wasn’t a successful campaign?

Take a look at the video here:

A look back at some Father’s Day ads


It’s Father’s Day and I’m doing nothing to try and mitigate my panic over the fact that I have no idea what to do for my dad. Instead, I’m searching for Father’s Day ads. Father’s Day themed ads tend to try to pull at heartstrings, highlighting the relationships between a father and his child or children, often taking a timeline approach and following the child and father as the child grows up. Basically, this means that half of these commercials turn me into an emotional wreck.

From the condom manufacturer Durex, a short, simple print ad from 2001 that gets the message across very effectively:

Durex's Father's Day ad.

You can always count on Oreo to make adorable family-oriented commercials. Here’s a Father’s Day themed one from 2011:

One from 1998, from John Hancock Financial Services:

A 2012 one from Dick’s Sporting Goods with a father and son theme, actually titled “Father’s Day.” Check it out:

From American Greetings, we learn of the official Father’s Day anthem of 2011. I blame this ad for making me imagine my dad rapping:

The 2012 VW Polo Dad ad, which I resolutely deny having any emotional reaction to:

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to run around searching for a gift for my dad. While I’m off, let me know your favourite Father’s Day themed ads!

An ad that’s actually useful!


Not that ads aren’t already useful *cough*.

A couple of weeks ago Nivea came out with a video explaining a new print ad they had circulating the beaches of Brazil.

The print ad looked like all other print ads except one side boasted a solar panel and the other boasted a USB drive where you could plug in your phone to charge it. Presumably, you could plug in anything that uses a USB drive and it would then charge whatever you plugged in, but their focus was on phones. Their reason for this was to encourage the user to stay in the sun longer instead of having to stop beach-time to charge their phone. I’m assuming that Nivea is hoping the users will also use their sunscreen.

Here’s the ad:

Have you seen any useful ads lately? The ones from IBM (which we posted on Facebook and Twitter) come to mind.

We have a winner!


During this year’s Lilac Festival, we held a contest to name our new mascot. With names like Butterscotch, Cousteau, Goldie and Gold Ray, it was tough to determine what we should name our new ironclad friend.

Our newly named mascot - Chester!

After much debate and discussion, we all sided on what we thought were the best choices. We examined the character and determined that he was a friendly avenger of the sea, a marketing wiz as well as a ladies man who sports a trident on a regular basis.

The winner of the contest, Natasha, chose an unlikely name. One that was both simple and exciting and she will be receiving a visit from him very soon.

Watching someone say it gave us chills but at the same time a sense of hope. It gave us the hope that the future held promise, the promise of creativity in our little world. As a tear rolled down my cheek, I looked at that manta ray wearing a helmet, held out my arms and said, “We will call him Chester!”

We cheered and hugged after sitting on our big orange sofa for hours of debating, in what seemed like electing a new pope without the crowd standing below.

A spot on reenactment of the moment we chose the name

Chester had finally been sworn into the Mantaray Creative family and it’s here where he’ll stay.

One day we will tell our grandchildren this glorious tale of the manta ray named Chester who drove us apart then brought us all back closer than ever.




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