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Marketing and Production Coordinator

Are you a passionate, motivated individual who’s looking to be a part of an exciting studio environment? Well, here’s a great opportunity for you! Mantaray Creative is seeking self-driven individuals who can take the initiative to get stuff done. We’re looking for someone who loves challenges, has the desire to learn, and doesn’t mind pitching in wherever they’re needed. Our ideal candidate will have completed a marketing or communications degree and should be comfortable dealing with both suppliers and clients. Desired Skills & Experience Your skill set should include: Attention to detail Ablility to work in a fast-paced environment Effective [...]

Infuse some passion into your brand

I love color. I really do. It’s fascinated me for years and I still get a kick out of finding new color combinations or innovative applications for color theory. Today’s color, red, elicits passion and it just so happens to be my favorite color. As the boldest hue of the spectrum, it stimulates energy, says desirable and confident, and encourages an enthusiastic response from those in its warm embrace. When used properly, it is heartfelt, authentic, and often used to represent significant moments in a long-term relationship. Whether red is the right color for your product, brand or next campaign [...]

Are you Measuring your Marketing Efforts?

Once upon a time, there was a marketing executive who said that half of his advertising was a waste. The problem was, which half? He didn’t know, so he kept on spending the same amount in the same way, year in year out, hoping that his shotgun approach would continue to work. In his mind, some would, and some wouldn’t and continued to believe that half of his efforts were a total waste of time and money. With today’s tools, it no longer has to be that way. Measuring the success of a marketing strategy is your feedback loop to [...]

Yellow Mellow?

It inspired Van Gogh in his paintings, pushed Lance Armstrong to pedal hard in the Tour de France, and is used for emergency and caution signs around the world. It encourages communication and activates memory, yet also symbolizes cowardice, quarantine, and the last thing you want to see, if you’re a major sports player, is the yellow card. We’re talking one color, yellow, with many shades of meaning; some so polar opposite as ‘happiness’ and ‘hazard’ that I sometimes wonder if we’re the ones who’ve gone a little color blind. I mean, its just one color, right? Well yes, and [...]

Intermediate / Senior Graphic Designer

At Mantaray Creative, business is booming.  In fact, it’s so booming we need to hire some talented Designers —pronto!  Now, we could tell you Calgary is a great place to live.  Why do you think so many people move here?  But we’d rather tell you that Mantaray is a growing full-service advertising agency, production company, and all-round cool place to work.  Our people are talented, passionate and produce killer creative. Yes, it is possible to create great stuff and have fun doing it. So here’s the deal.  You should have a minimum 3-5 years’ experience designing in an agency environment, [...]

What makes a great shoot?

I just got back from a full packed 2 day shoot in Edmonton.  It’s been a while since I’ve run a full set and it was great!  I find it such an interesting dynamic being on set.  It’s so structured and militaristic and everybody has a very specific job to do.  It’s tedious, hierarchical and when you are on a bad set the 12 hour days feel like 20 hour days – You just can’t wait to get it done. As structured as a set is, the process during the shoot is completely organic. In my experience great footage is [...]