We listen to our clients, their product, the market and the competition…we understand the global conversation and then we emerge ourselves in the creative concept looking for a new approach, an effective engaging and winning approach. Whether provocative or subdued we will find what works.


We research and understand our clients market and come up with a message that will achieve what it needs to.  We find a way to cut through the noise to deliver an impacting message and to engage the viewer.


We approach every project with a fresh outlook making sure that no opportunity is missed.  We explore the market and come up with a plan for a campaign that uses the power of multi channel marketing, the internet and the collaborative convergence of all other mediums, including, traditional and digital technologies to deliver the best creative possible.


Mantaray Creative is a full service creative agency. We develop meaningful creative that builds a very personal relationship between consumers and brands.

New technologies, social platforms  and information paradigms are driving a dramatic convergence in the way stories are told. The scale and reach of these technologies are creating new audiences with ever-changing expectations and needs.

Mantaray has the technical expertise to handle new technologies, and the content expertise to tell meaningful stories to the right people at the right time with the right device.

With a multidisciplinary team of design, content and technical experts, we focus on broadening consumer modes of communication. We merge traditional media technology with new media broadcast, web, social networks and interactive entertainment.

Founded in 1999, we continue to deliver timely solutions based on the progressive consumer need for convergence in communication, entertainment and technology.

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