Staying Connected


We used to write letters to stay in touch with loved ones and people all around the world, but in todays society of social media and technology we can stay in touch with the click of a button. When you attend your high school reunion through the wonders of facebook you no longer have to ask your former classmates what they have been up to because in most cases you already know!  Lets face it, even if we don’t want to admit it, we all creep at some point!

I’ve come across people who believe that technology is hindering relationships instead of creating them. For example, how many relationships have started online or through texts? In cases of personal relationships, those cynical people might be right, but in business,  can we really say that social media and technology has hurt a business as opposed to helping? How many people have heard about a new company or restaurant through social media? Decided to try something new thanks to all the deal sites out there?

The majority of businesses are reaping the benefits of online marketing and advertising, and see their customer base expand and profits rise.

We all stay connected to each other and society through the use of online mediums. We read our news online, talk to friends, shop, do business and even date. In todays society our online world is our constant!


By Kari Siegfried, posted on June 21, 2011, filed under Staying Connected.

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